TaskRabbit equivalent Netherlands

TaskRabbit is a gig-based outsourcing service used widely in the US. Tasks include grocery shopping, errands, building Ikea furniture, cleaning, handyman services, moving and delivery services. These are the best TaskRabbit equivalents in the Netherlands.



Zoofy is a Dutch equivalent of TaskRabbit in the Netherlands and is the best option in terms of offering broad range of jobs and being able to deliver these quickly (within 2 hours if you choose a rush job). They have 5000 verified professionals around the Netherlands who can do a range of tasks like handyman, plumber, fixing central heating, etc. They also offer rush jobs if you need something done immediately. Zoofy say there is always somebody available for many of the tasks they advertise.

Zoofy does have an English language site but it can be slightly confusing. You can use the search engine on the page below to search for a task (fix pipes) or a professional (plumber, handyman).

Alternatively below are links to pages for specific services:


Werkspot is another site similar to Zoofy but doesn’t have an English-language version unfortunately. You can use Chrome (or Microsoft Edge) browser to translate some of the website if you don’t speak Dutch. You may also have to translate what you are looking for prior to entering the search term.

One difference between Zoofy and Werkspot is how they pay suppliers. Werkspot allows professionals to post jobs for free whereas Zoofy charges a service fee which can be quite high.


Non “platform” options

If you read the reviews and test out the platforms there are pros and cons that come with using them. For example, some user reviews show frustration about pricing of quotes they are offered on the platforms, while some suppliers also suggest the platforms end up hiking the price.


Nextdoor is a “neighbourhood hub” that also provides a platform for getting tasks and odd-jobs done by people in your local area. They give examples like baby sitting and finding a local painter. The focus is on safety and building local community rather than being a job platform. You will also have to verify your location (by getting a code sent to your address or sharing your device location) to join your local group.

Finding a painter or plumber on Nextdoor will probably take a bit longer but it might end up being cheaper, more convenient and less frustrating than the platforms above.


Wandgrimeurs offer painting and decorating services and differentiate themselves from the platform providers. They have good reviews and a slightly more personable service. Just translate the website in Chrome if you don’t speak Dutch.

Delivery services


If you’re looking for a delivery service similar to Postmates then Dropper is the Dutch equivalent. Get food, clothing, medicine, and whatever else you want delivered by cycle courier very quickly. 

For parcel and letter couriers who may handle items more carefully there is FietsKourier

Moving house / man with a van

To find a man with a van you can try XXX as a price comparison for van hire.

Alternatively Diks is a good rental company for vans.

For a budget moving company The Student Verhuis Service is widely used.

Expat specific services (with English websites)

uButler is a service for expats and is focused on doing tasks like opening a bank account, making appointments and handling admin associated with relocating to The Netherlands. This does not include doing physical jobs but any admin type work they seem to be able to handle for you and have experience with all types of expat relocation issues. They are used by large employers too – such as Oracle Systems.

Domestic outsourcing and home cleaning

The Dutch are very clean and tidy as you may have noticed and there are a range of cleaning companies available for expats and locals.

Helping.nl is a large and popular company for hiring house cleaners 

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