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Hey non-Dutch speaker! Some links below are for Dutch-language sites. Here is how to translate them easily.

Compare Sim Cards Netherlands: Sim-Only Deals From €5 PCM

If you just moved or are moving to the Netherlands, getting a sim card is a good idea. Getting a sim card is easy and will help you sign up for loads of stuff that requires a Dutch number. Plus you can get data, minutes and sms without relying on a foreign sim card. There are plenty of sim-only deals to choose from.

What you need to get a Dutch sim?

To get a Dutch sim card you will need the following things:

  • A Dutch bank account (bunq is popular with expats and students)
  • An address in the Netherlands (possibly with a BSN number showing you are registered at the address)
  • Proof of ID (passport, id card, driving license)

Sim providers in the Netherlands

Sim card providers in the Netherlands include

  • Simpel – Cheap sim-only deals from €2.50 per month
  • Lebara – specialist in prepaid sim cards
  • Budget – cheap sim only deals on a rolling contract
  • YouFone – contract deals usually
  • Ben – also offer contract deals
  • Vodafone – Contracts can be combined with your Ziggo tv package for some benefits

Compare Dutch sim cards from €5 per month

Use the table below to see sim card providers in the Netherlands. You can also use the settings to change the filters. E.g. move the price slider up or look for higher data packages. The list is ordered by price (apart from the top result which is a featured result).

Some of these are long-term contracts that can last up to 24 months so bear that in mind, depending on how long you are planning to stay.

Translated terms

The table below is in Dutch so here’s a quick vocabulary lesson for non Duch speakers:

  • Onbeperkt bellen – unlimited calls
  • Onbeperkt internetten – unlimited data
  • Verbruik – usage
  • Abonnement / duur / soort – subscription / length / type (i.e. new or existing customer)

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