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Best Sim-Only Deals Netherlands: Sim Card Plans for €4.50 p/m

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If you’re an expat or student living in the Netherlands, getting a Dutch sim card is a great idea that will save you a lot of hassle. Having a cheap monthly sim means you’ll have internet data that works in the Netherlands and a Dutch phone number – which is often needed for signing up for other services like banking and energy suppliers.

Prepaid vs contracts

Contract sim only deals offer better value than prepaid. Especially when it comes to data allowances. In some cases you can even get a rolling monthly contract instead of signing up for 12 months. For example YouFone offer a 1 month rolling contract with 5GB (5000MB) data for €11.50 (use the tool below to find the deal).

Cheapest sim card plan

The cheapest deal we could find was €4.50 per month from YouFone. Use the tool below 👇 to find it by removing all filters on minimum data and call allowance. You get limited data and calls but it may be suitable for those just needing a Dutch number and for emergency use.

Data roaming & Brexit

In 2021 Dutch sim providers announced that you can still use free roaming data in the UK despite Brexit. This means if you’re a UK expat or student you can pause your UK data contract and use your Dutch data when visiting back home while you live in NL.

What do you need to get a Dutch sim contract?

To get a Dutch sim contract you may need to provide the following information:

  • A Dutch bank account
  • An address in the Netherlands (possibly with a BSN number showing you are registered at the address)
  • Proof of ID (passport, id card, driving license)

What if I want to keep my old number too?

You have a couple of options here. If you have a phone with dual sim you can use both numbers.

If you don’t have dual sim, and you want to keep your old number, you might think about a secondary phone just for arranging your Dutch affairs. For example a cheap Nokia 3310.

Another option is to set up call forwarding from your UK/US/home provider – many contracts will allow you to do this just check with your provider. You can also change your WhatsApp account to your Dutch number while living in the Netherlands and continue all your communications via that service without any interruption.

Compare Dutch sim only deals

Use the table below to see sim card providers in the Netherlands. You can also use the settings to change the filters.

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