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Best Business SIM Cards in the Netherlands – how to choose?

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When running a business in the Netherlands, staying connected to the world is key to the success of your venture. That’s why having a mobile plan or pre-paid SIM card is, of course, a “must-have”. But there are a few questions you might find yourself asking: Do I need a business-specific SIM? Or can I just use my personal one? How do I pick a provider I can trust? What kind of plans are out there? And how do I choose the right one for me? And perhaps most importantly: How can I make sure I’m getting the best deal?

Using Your Personal SIM for Business: A Double-Edged Sword

If you’re kick-starting your entrepreneurial journey in the Netherlands, particularly as a ZZPer, the idea of using your personal SIM for business might seem appealing. After all, it saves you from juggling two bills and two devices, not to mention navigating the maze of multiple provider offerings on the market. But before you decide, consider the flip side of this coin. If you choose to use your personal number for business, it becomes accessible to clients, customers, and potentially the entire online world. This could potentially compromise your privacy – your personal number being public could open the floodgates to unwanted calls and messages, even during your time off. Striking a balance between work and personal life can become a tightrope walk when you’re constantly fielding business calls or responding to work-related messages off the clock.

In the event of a data breach, having a separate business number could serve as a protective layer for your personal data. Additionally, bear in mind that providers often roll out special promotions and discounts exclusive to business customers. So, ironically, using a business SIM could be more cost-effective in the long run.

And let’s not forget about the future. If you ever consider selling your business, transferring a business number to the new owner is far simpler than changing your personal number.

Choosing Between a Pre-Paid SIM and Mobile Plan

As a business owner based in the Netherlands, you likely have a local bank account. This opens up the opportunity to move beyond a pre-paid card and delve into the variety of plans offered by providers. While committing to a plan may seem daunting, there are several benefits that might tip the scales in its favor:

  • Cost Efficiency: Pre-paid cards usually charge higher rates per minute, SMS, and data compared to postpaid plans. If your business relies on consistent and reliable communication and data, a plan could be a more cost-effective choice.
  • Predictable Billing: Pre-paid cards may allow you to top up as you go, helping keep track of usage and expenses. However, postpaid plans offer predictable monthly billing, simplifying the management of your business expenses.
  • Higher Data Allowances: Subscription plans typically offer larger data allowances than pre-paid cards. If your business depends on mobile data (e.g., for video conferences, meetings, or accessing cloud services), a plan could be a more efficient solution.
  • Hassle-Free Usage: With pre-paid cards, you constantly need to monitor your balance to avoid running out of credits when you need them the most. With a plan, especially an unlimited one, you don’t have to keep track of your usage as long as you stay within the EU.
  • International Roaming: If your business requires international travel, providers may offer more attractive options for international roaming plans than pre-paid cards. However, always check all the conditions carefully to avoid unexpectedly high costs.
  • Expense Tracking: Plans often come with detailed billing, allowing you to track costs and adjust as needed.
  • Long-Term Commitment vs. Cost Effectiveness: The long-term commitment required by most providers can be a deterrent. However, if you’re open to at least a one-year contract, the benefits of cost-effectiveness, device discounts, and potential first-time client promotions may outweigh this downside.

How to Choose a Business SIM Provider in the Netherlands

As previously discussed, choosing your business SIM provider involves careful consideration of various factors such as network coverage, data speeds and plans, customer service quality, contract length, and, of course, the balance between offerings and price. Below you can see how the most popular providers compare in this respect.

ProviderLinkCoverage (based on speedtest.net)Data SpeedsCost and plansCustomer service (based on the trustpilot.nl scores)
KPNkpn.com/zakelijkMost extensive coverage in the Netherlands with 100% coverage across the country and 96.50% 4G4G/5G (Fast speeds)
With investments in fiber networks in multiple regions, KPN has been recognized as the fastest mobile operator
Various business plans available with unlimited data bundles available. Month-to-month option available.1.4
Lebaramobile.lebara.comRuns on KPN’s network4GCompetitive pricing, limited plans4.2
Ben NLben.nl/sim-onlyRuns on T-Mobile’s network4GBudget-friendly plans3.9
Vodafone NL
Extensive coverage4G/5G (Fast speeds)Tailored business plans, but on a more expensive end1.4
T-Mobilet-mobile.nl/zakelijk4G/5G (Fast speeds)
With investments in fiber networks in multiple regions, KPN has been recognized as the fastest mobile operator
4G/5G (Fast speeds)Business plans with added benefits and recurring promos1.4
Budget Mobilebudgetthuis.nl/mobiel/sim-onlyRuns on KPN’s network4GAffordable plans, basic features3.5
YoufoneYoufone.nl/zakelijkRuns on KPN’s network4GSpecial offer for small companies (ZZPers and other legal forms with up to 5 numbers) from 5euro + BTW4.2


In general, the Netherlands boasts high-quality and extensive mobile coverage. There are no significant differences between providers in this regard. Most players in the market offer comprehensive coverage across the country with a mix of 3G, 4G, and 5G service networks. It’s also worth noting that smaller network providers often leverage the infrastructure of major networks. This means they can still provide solid coverage even if their own network might be limited.

Customer Service

You may have noticed significantly low customer service scores for some providers. Unfortunately, major telecom providers in the Netherlands have struggled with their reputation when it comes to customer service, as illustrated by their TrustPilot ratings. The root of this issue? A common complaint among customers is the difficulty in reaching competent and responsive customer support representatives, long wait times on helplines, unresolved issues, and challenges in accessing personalized assistance.

Another factor contributing to these low scores is the perception that new customers always get the best deals while long-term, loyal customers often feel overlooked when it comes to promotions and securing the best deals. However, this seems to be a longstanding problem with telecom providers worldwide.

Best SIM Providers for Your Business in the Netherlands

After careful comparison and consideration, two top contenders have emerged as leading business SIM providers in the Netherlands. Each excels in different areas, catering to the diverse needs of business owners:

KPN: Best Network Quality and Leader in Tech Innovation

With its extensive coverage across the Netherlands, KPN offers a reliable and stable network experience. With 5G and optical fiber network delivers lightning-fast internet connectivity (mobile, home and office), which is ideal for data-intensive tasks and seamless cloud integration.

While KPN might come with a premium price tag, the investment promises top-tier network performance and uninterrupted communication.

Youfone: Optimal Price-Quality Ratio and Focus on Small Enterprises

For small enterprises and budget-conscious businesses, Youfone stands out with its optimal price-to-quality ratio. Leveraging the reliable KPN network, Youfone offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on essential services. Their competitive pricing and budget-friendly plans make it an attractive choice for businesses seeking to minimize overheads without sacrificing network performance.

Moreover, Youfone‘s focus on small enterprises shows they understand the unique needs of smaller businesses and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Mobile Discount Platforms in the Netherlands

While you can directly purchase plans or pre-paid SIM from providers, it’s worth noting that their offerings might not always be the most attractive on the market. It’s always a good idea to compare prices and offerings with platforms that collate offers from various providers to see if you can secure a better deal.

One such platform is GSMWEB.nl. Established in 1998, GSMWEB.nl is the largest independent mobile “price fighter” (as they label themselves) in the Netherlands. They offer subscriptions from all major providers, often at competitive prices or with additional perks.

For example, if you look at SIM-only option from KPN:

  • 12GB internet bundle
  • 5G
  • Unlimited calls and SMS
  • 120 minutes from NL to EU countries

The price on both KPN and GSMWEB.nl is identical (€21.95 with a one-year contract, €21.12 with a two-year contract, and €23.19 with the option to cancel with a month’s notice – as of July 2023). However, GSMWEB.nl throws in Earpods Pro when you subscribe through them!

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Netherlands is one of the European leaders in 5G coverage, with 97% of households having access to the 5G network? The only countries in Europe with wider 5G coverage are Italy (99.7%) and Denmark (98%).

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