Clubs & Associations for Expats in The Netherlands 2022

Are you struggling to find a circle of like minded friends, now that you have moved to the Netherlands?

Try connecting with fellow expats at one of Holland’s many international clubs! Of course, it is so important to befriend your Dutch neighbors and colleagues. However, this takes time when you do not speak the same language, and they might not be able to relate to your experience as a Netherlands newbie. Meeting others, who know exactly what it’s like to be an outsider in a new country, can really help you to settle in. Below is a detailed list of the international social clubs you could become a part of in Holland.


American Women’s Club Amsterdam
American Women’s Club The Hague
Andrew’s Society of the Netherlands
British Club The Hague
British Society of Amsterdam
CADS (Commercial Anglo Dutch Society)
Canadian International Club Amsterdam
Club of Amsterdam
Connect International, Groningen
Connecting Women, The Hague
International Almere
The International Rotaract Club in ­Amsterdam
International Women’s Contact The Hague
International Women’s Contact Amsterdam
International Women’s Contact Breda
International Women’s Contact South ­Limburg
International Women’s Contact Utrecht/Amersfoort
The Irish Club-Netherlands
Newcomer’s Club
Petroleum Wives Club, The Hague
South African Club
Toastmasters in the Netherlands
The Hague Online Social Club


Accueil des Francophones de La Haye
Alliance Française
Institute Français
Union des Français à l’Étranger


Deutscher Klub in den Niederlanden
Deutsch-Niederländischer Verein


Asociación Hispánica De La Haya

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