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Bol.com is price-matching Amazon Prime Day deals

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Amazon Prime Day finishes at 12 midnight tonight (October 14th) and many shoppers are taking advantage of Amazon’s deals for Prime subscribers. But Bol.com is also price-matching many of Amazon’s featured deals on laptops, smart lighting and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Note: Prime Day is for Prime members only, but you can get a 30-day free trial and then cancel. As an Amazon Associate, MoneySavingExpat earns from qualifying purchases.

Many Bol.com deals exactly price-match Amazon

This is the first Prime Day for Amazon.nl and the retailer is trying to get a foot in the door and sign up a load of Dutch Prime members. But Bol.com is price-matching many of the best deals that Amazon has to offer.

For example, one of Amazon’s featured deals is on iRobot Roomba hoovers. Amazon has discounted their Roomba 971 to €385.90 and Bol.com has price-matched this exactly.

So if you are going to shop on Amazon Prime Day then make sure you price check before you buy. Google Shopping is one easy way to compare prices across a range of stores.

Amazon.nl has exclusive discounts on Philips PowerPro Compact energy efficient vacuum cleaners.

If you don’t want to spend 385 Euros on a vacuum cleaner then there are more Prime Day vacuum cleaner deals on Amazon.nl. including some heavily discounted, eco-friendly Philips vacuums not available at this price on Bol.com.

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More bol.com price matches


Chromebooks are powerful budget laptops and much better than they used to be. Bol.com is price-matching Chromebook deals such as this ASUS Chromebook. Amazon discounted it to €279.00 and Bol.com have followed suit.

Buy it on Amazon.nl

Get in on Bol.com here

Another price-match I’ve found is for Philips Wake-Up lights. These are bedside lights that help you wake up in winter by simulating sunrise and playing natural sounds. They also function as a clock, radio and reading light.

Smart lighting

Bol.com is again price-matching Amazon’s discounted offer on these lights for 45.80.

Another example is Philips Hue smart lighting starter pack. Bol.com is again price-matching Amazon’s offer for these at 99.99

Kobo vs Kindle

Bol.com is also offering discounts to compete with Amazon’s Kindle e-reader deals.

Their Kobo 6-inch e-reader is discounted to €109 and comes with 2 free months of Kobo Plus.

However, Amazon’s Kindle e-readers are even cheaper with the 6-inch Paperwhite reduced to €89.99 (€50 off).

Amazon exclusives

Some deals are exclusive to Amazon and not available elsewhere. Such as the ASUS Vivobook laptop for € 329,99.

I have written up more of the best deals on Amazon.nl via the link below.

For more Prime Day deals that are actually worth considering go to the Prime Day Deals page which will be updated on the day >>.