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Can you get Amazon Prime and Prime TV in the Netherlands?

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In March 2020 Amazon launched in The Netherlands along with a Dutch version of Prime. See my news article on this for more information (and look out for an updated post coming soon).

If you are an Amazon Prime customer moving to the Netherlands from the UK or US then you may be wondering if you can get Amazon Prime free one-day delivery and streaming services over here.

Still that doesn’t mean you have to switch to Amazon Prime NL. You can still use UK or DE accounts and get stuff shipped to the Netherlands, and it could still be the cheaper option for the time being. Plus, UK and DE Prime TV packages offer different shows than the NL package.

Can I use my Prime UK account to get free delivery and watch Prime Video?

Yes, but only from the UK Amazon store. You can’t get free one-day delivery using your UK Prime account. You will need to change to a Dutch Prime account. However, you can watch Prime TV on PrimeVideo.com but won’t get access to everything that you would be able to watch in the UK due to licensing restrictions.

Amazon in the Netherlands

Until recently, the Amazon.nl site only offered e-books – no physical products and no streaming video service. Most people residing the Netherlands use the German Amazon site and may have German Amazon Prime delivery and video services which can be used to deliver to the Netherlands.

How to get Amazon Prime in the Netherlands

To get a full Prime package with free next-day delivery and video you can do so via the German Amazon site here. This costs €5.99 per month and includes the following:

  • Free and “faster” delivery to the Netherlands
  • Prime Video for Netherlands
  • Free game content every month (Twitch Prime)
  • Access to lightning deals
  • Unlimited photo storage

The main difference between this and Prime UK is music streaming which is not offered here. Another difference is the “faster” delivery rather than one-day. None of the mainland European sites seem to promise the one-day delivery the same way that the UK and US Prime does. UK Prime also includes “unlimited reading” of selected e-books and magazines.

The price is also lower at €5.99 compared to £7.99 in the UK.

To see what Prime Video in the Netherlands includes you can check here on JustWatch.com which lists available shows (assuming their information is accurate). Alternatively you can sign up for the 30 day trial and see for yourself.

If you just want to watch Prime Video only, then this is available but you will have to create a different Amazon account on Amazon.de with a new email address. Don’t use the email for your UK account or it will be closed! Prime Video standalone costs €3.99 per month for NL customers.

Alternatively you can use your UK Prime Video account to watch a selection of Prime Video within the Netherlands on PrimeVideo.com. Apparently this does not give you access to everything you would have in the UK though so if you want to get full access to UK Prime Video you can use a VPN along with your UK account.

Best VPN for expats living in the Netherlands (guide coming soon)

How much is Prime in the Netherlands?

Amazon Prime costs €5.99 as stated above.

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