How to translate Dutch websites into English in your browser

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If you want to translate Dutch websites into English then the best way to do it is using Google Chrome browser, available on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone. Below are instructions on how to get it and how to translate a page.

Once you have installed and opened the browser, go to the page you wanted to translate.

For example is a car leasing site in Dutch with no English version. If you click that link you’ll have to translate it to understand how you can lease a car from them.

How to translate using Google Chrome

On a laptop or desktop

  • Open the page and right click some white space (or CTRL+click if using a Mac).
  • From the dropdown menu select “Translate to English.”
  • The page will now translate from Dutch to English.

On a smartphone

  • Open the Dutch page by copying the URL or if it’s easier go to first and find the link you want to click
  • Once the Dutch page has loaded, tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner
  • From the menu tap “translate” if it appears (if not you may have to wait longer for the page to load)

That’s it! Now you can read Dutch websites in English.

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