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Swapfiets discount code: Get €75 off your Swapfiets subscription using voucher codes

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Swapfiets is an easy and reliable way to get a bike in the Netherlands (but not the cheapest – as I explain below)

With a standard Swapfiets subscription you will get a sturdy Dutch town bike for €16.50 per month. If the bike breaks down, they’ll fix it or replace it the same day.

The following article explains how to get up to €75 off your Swapfiets subscription using voucher codes.

But Swapfiets is not the cheapest way to cycle in the Netherlands! Read the rest of the article to find out how you can get a new bike for as low as €200 or a second-hand bike for much cheaper.

Swapfiets Voucher Code: Get €7.50 off when you sign up

A voucher code will give you €7.50 off your first month. The person who’s code you used also gets the same discount. Use my code below to get your first €7.50 off.

Voucher code: JACK25899 (Code no longer works! – Check the comments below for more codes & post yours)

This code can be used when you sign up at Swapfiets.nl. If you already signed up you can still use it by going to https://account.swapfiets.com/home and clicking on “Subscription” and then “Redeem Voucher”.

Code didn’t work? Look in the comments below for another code or on SpyDeals.nl. 

By the way, Swapfiets is not the cheapest way to get a bike in the Netherlands (see below).

How to Get €75 off Swapfiets

Once you have a Swapfiets you will also get your own voucher code that you can share with up to 10 people.

When a new person signs up with your code, both you and the person using the code will get €7.50 discounted from your subscription.

Don’t know 10 people?

If you don’t know 10 people looking for a Swapfiets, share your code below in the comments or post it on SpyDeals.nl and people will find it and start using it. Look around for other voucher code sites too. When I shared my code on SpyDeals.nl I had 8 people use it within 2 days.

Is Swapfiets cheaper than buying a bicycle?

Swapfiets Cons

In terms of saving money Swapfiets is not really worth it because it is cheaper to buy a second-hand bicycle (or maybe even a new bike) which you can sell. If you plan to use it for longer than a year or two the costs of Swapfiets adds up.

Swapfiets Pros

The pros of leasing a Swapfiets are similar to pros of leasing a car. It’s extremely convenient and you don’t have extra costs if it breaks. Plus the quality of the bike is better than you’re likely to get buying a bike unless you spend upwards of €300.

  • If your bike breaks, gets a flat tyre, you decide you want a different colour, etc, they will replace it completely free of charge, and extremely quickly.
  • If the bike is stolen they will replace it (but this costs €40*)
  • You get free bike maintenance vs having to pay for this if you own a bike.

* If you didn’t lock it “properly” this becomes €60. If you also lost the key that is an extra charge of €15.

Swapfiets costs for 12 months

Updated for 2021 pricing

Swapfiets will normally cost €198, with no discount codes applied, if you sign up for an initial 6-month fixed period and then stay for another 6 months (that’s 12 x 16.50 = 198).

If you sign up on a month-by-month basis there is an extra €19.50 one-off charge on top of this.

With discount codes you can save up to €75. So that will come to €123 (198 – 75 = 123).

Even if you get the full €75 discount from signing up 10 friends, you will pay €123 for a bicycle for 12 months. For two years this will cost €321.

You can buy a second hand omafiets for around €50-100 or even get a new bike for close to €200 that is comparable to a Swapfiets.

This means is isn’t cheaper than buying a bike but it might be more convenient, and we have not considerd the costs of theft and maintenance that can be much higher if you own a bike vs using Swapfiets.

Where to buy a bike in the Netherlands

Buying a new bike

You can buy a new bike for close to €200 online and get it delivered to you on the same day by bike shops like Fietsen4all. More about buying a bike in the Netherlands.

If I buy a new bike should I get insurance?

The main argument in favour of Swapfiets is that it offers an insurance against theft. Many thousands of bikes are stolen every year in Amsterdam. Most people expect their bike to go missing at some point – I lost one in the first year.

You can get bike theft insurance if you buy a bike too. Allianz offer bike insurance starting from €2.08 per month (correct as of March 2021).

Local tip: Get a really good bike lock

Another way to avoid theft is to buy a really, really good bicycle lock.

“The lock should cost more than the bike”

Amsterdam locals

The saying goes that “your lock should cost more than your bike” in Amsterdam or other Dutch cities with high rates of bike theft. Your local bike shop will sell you a reliable lock or you can get a super secure steel chain lock from Halfords (pictured).

Always lock your bike in a safe place next to other bikes and where it is clearly visible to passersby or overlooked by houses (not somewhere completely empty as this is an invitation to theft).

Also make sure it is somewhere you can legally lock it up. There will be signs if it isn’t and the council will take it away.

Buying a second-hand bike

Cheapassbikes offer refurbished bikes for competetive prices starting around €150 and they also have an option to pay in monthly installments for 3 months. So that can be around €50 per month.

BikeFair also refurbish and deliver bikes and prices start from around €190.

Marktplaats is the cheapest place to find a second hand bike and more trustworthy than Facebook marketplace. But make sure you have a good look at the bike and the user’s profile. It might well be stolen or unroadworthy.

Some people recommend Facebook groups and Facebook marketplace. In my experience the cheap bikes in these groups are sometimes stolen or completely broken.

Swapfiets alternatives


Easyfiets is a slightly cheaper alternative to Swapfiets. They charge €12 per month for a basic Dutch town bike. I have not used the service.

Conclusion: Is Swapfiets worth it?

From a money saving perspective, you can easily avoid paying the €200 + that Swapfiets will cost for leasing a bike. For convenience and reassurance against theft Swapfiets is a good option if you simply consider it like another monthly bill alongside Netflix and other subscription services.

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